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The aim of the Antitrust Writing Awards is to promote competition scholarship, and more generally, to contribute to competition advocacy.

1. Eligibility

Papers eligible must have been published in print or electronic format and made freely available on line (SSRN, academic or professional websites...). Papers must have been released in 2012 and can be co-authored. Authors eligible are individuals. Papers are classified in Academic and Business categories. The Academic category comprises articles published or accepted for publication in academic journals, whereas the Business category comprises articles published in professional magazines or newsletters. Each of these categories is sub-divided as follow:
- General (including cross-over topics, procedural issues)
- Anticompetitive practices (including criminal cartel enforcement, civil federal, state, and private enforcement, treatment of joint ventures, vertical restrictions)
- Unilateral conducts (including monopolization, attempted monopolization and invitations to collude)
- Mergers (substantive merger analysis, merger enforcement and guidelines)
- Economics (including economic theories, models, and statistical tools used in the antitrust field)

2. Selection procedure

The Editorial Committee of the Institute of Competition Law selects a pool of around 100 articles based on Steering Committees members suggestions. The Steering Committees members then make a short list of the most interesting articles. The Board members finally select the award-winning articles among the short list provided by the Steering Committees, while taking into accounts readers’ votes (vote will be open until 1st March 2013). The Editorial Committee, the Steering Committees and the Board members are collectively referred as the Jury. Papers are judged according to writing, scholarship, originality, practical relevance and the contribution they make to competition advocacy. There is a winning-award paper for each of the sub-categories mentioned at 1. above, for each of the Academic and Business categories. However, the Board reserves the right to award fewer Awards than planned if the papers under consideration do not meet the high standards of the Awards.

3. Management

The Awards are managed by the Institute of Competition Law, the publisher of Concurrences Journal and e-Competitions Bulletin, both peer-reviewed publications. The Institute, acting as the event manager, works to ensure that a sufficient number of quality contributions are submitted, checks eligibility and organizes the Awards ceremony.

4. Date and location

The 2013 Awards ceremony will take place on Tuesday 9 April, the day before the ABA Antitrust Spring Meeting in Washington DC. Attendance is on invitation only.

5. Miscellaneous

Any unexpected issues will be dealt with by the Editorial Committee of the Institute of Competition Law.

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