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David S. Turetsky

David S. Turetsky

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David Turetsky is coordinator of Dewey & LeBoeuf’s Washington, D.C. Antitrust Practice Group. He handles state, federal and international antitrust investigations; litigates private class and individual lawsuits; appears before regulatory commissions such as the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) and state insurance departments; works with Congress and the Executive Branch; and represents clients on a range of US and global conduct, merger, joint venture, regulatory and compliance matters. He brings senior U.S. government antitrust enforcement experience as Deputy Assistant Attorney General for Antitrust in the U.S. Department of Justice; and business experience as a senior lawyer and officer of a fixed-wireless telecommunications and broadband services company, and as the federal court and FCC appointed Management Trustee of business operations in a total of 20 markets until divested by an acquirer to satisfy a merger consent decree on two occasions.

Website : Dewey & LeBoeuf (Washington, DC)

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