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Martin M. Toto

Martin M. Toto

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Martin M. Toto concentrates in US antitrust law and trade regulation, including (1) criminal investigations and litigation; (2) civil litigation; (3) the antitrust aspects of mergers and acquisitions and the Hart-Scott-Rodino merger review process; and (4) antitrust counseling. His practice focuses on representation of multinational corporations—often based abroad. He has worked on obtaining antitrust clearance for numerous mergers, acquisitions and joint ventures and has coordinated the European Union and other worldwide merger notifications for transactions requiring clearance in foreign jurisdictions. He has defended clients before the US Department of Justice and Federal Trade Commission (FTC). Mr. Toto also has advised companies on virtually all aspects of antitrust law, including those relating to intellectual property, vertical restraints, monopolization, concerted activity and price fixing, trade association activity, resale price maintenance and price discrimination. He has worked on transactions, litigation and investigations in a variety of industries, including advertising, banking and financial services, chemicals, computer equipment and software, construction equipment, consumer electronics, credit reporting and scoring, defense, food processing, mining, motor vehicles, pharmaceuticals, publishing, pulp and paper, retail sales, semiconductors, shipping and telecommunications.

Website : White & Case (New York)

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