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2012 Winning articles

1. Academic Articles

Best General Antitrust Academic Article

Todd Fishman, David Gabathuler, Olivier Fréget, US and EU antitrust enforcement: What role in a more heavily regulated financial sector?, Competition Policy International Journal, Fall 2011, Vol. 7. No. 2

Best Anticompetitive Practices Academic Article

John M. Connor, Has the European Commission become more severe in punishing cartels? Effects of the 2006 Guidelines, European Competition Law Review, Volume 32, Issue 1, 2011, 27

Best Unilateral Conducts Academic Article

Nicolas Petit, Credit Rating Agencies, the Sovereign Debt Crisis and Competition Law, European Competition Journal, 2011, Vol 7 No. 3, p. 587

Best Mergers Academic Article

Damien M.B. Geradin, Ianis Girgenson, Industrial Policy and European Merger Control: A Reassessment, TILEC Discussion Paper No. 2011-053

Best Economics Academic Article

Marcel Boyer, Marie-Laure Allain, Jean-Pierre Ponssard, The determination of optimal fines in cartel cases: Theory and practice, Concurrences, N° 4-2011, n°39887, pp. 32-40

Academic Readers Award

James A. Keyte, Kenneth B. Schwartz, ‘Tally-Ho!’: UPP and the 2010 horizontal merger guidelines, Antitrust Law Journal, Vol. 77, No. 587, 2011

2. Business Articles

Best General Antitrust Business Article

Steven Levitsky, David Turetsky, Britain: New Limits on Exchanging Price Information Data, Dewey & LeBoeuf Antitrust News in Five Minutes, February 15, 20

Best Anticompetitive Practices Business Article

Ian Forrester Q.C., Mark Powell, and Axel Schulz, AG Sharpston voices opinion on the standard of judicial review over fines in cartel cases, White & Case Client Alert, February 2011

Best Unilateral Conducts Business Article

Alexandre G. Verheyden and Serge Clerckx, EU Court of Justice Provides Guidance on Abusive Margin Squeezes, Jones Day Antitrust Alert, February 2011

Best Mergers Business Article

Götz Drauz, Michael Rosenthal, Charles E. Biggio, Scott A. Sher, EU and US Antitrust Authorities Update: Best Practices on Cooperation in Merger Investigations, WSGR Alert, November 2011

Best Economics Business Article

David Henry, Martina Maier, Philipp Werner, European developments impacting dominant, vertically integrated operators – the TeliaSonera judgment, McDermott Antitrust Newsletter, March 10, 2011

Business Readers Business Award

Matthew I. Bachrack, James R. Modrall, Shan Hu, Plaintiff Victory in Chinese Unfair Competition Case, CGSH Alert Memo, 2 May, 2011

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