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The Board

Alexander Italianer: "It was an insightful exercise to read so many well written articles covering a wide range of topics ranging from US and EU antitrust & merger laws to the Chinese leniency program."

Frederic Jenny: “The Antitrust Writing Awards are the right event, on the right issue, at the right time. I thank George Washington University Law School and the Institute of Competition Law for launching this initiative.”

Bill Kovacic: “The Antitrust Writing Awards are a welcome initiative to stimulate academic and professional writing and promote excellence”.

Jon Leibowitz: “These Awards recognize excellence in antitrust writing, and we expect over time they will have a real impact on the way agencies and practitioners think about competition matter around the world.”

Academic Steering Committee

Eleanor Fox: "This was an inspired event. I shall look forward to many more years of rewarding excellence in antitrust writing."

David Gerber: “The Antitrust Writing Awards represent a very valuable project that will encourage and support excellence in antitrust writing.”

Janusz Ordover: “There is a great deal of writing in the area of antitrust, ranging from lengthy scholarly articles to short, timely notes on key cases. The Antitrust Writing Awards uniquely embrace and celebrate that scope for the benefit of all workers in the field.”

Daniel Sokol: "The writing process provided exposure to a number of very interesting articles and client alerts. I applaud Concurrences for bringing these works to the attention of a broad group of practitioners."

Andreas Stephan: “The Antitrust Writing Awards are an exciting celebration of the excellent research undertaken in the area of competition policy”

Business Steering Committee

Jean-Yves Art: "All the Business articles which the Institute of Competition Law and George Washington University Law School selected for the Antitrust Writing Awards provide practical information on topical antitrust law developments. Thanks to their quality and conciseness as well as the experience and knowledge which their authors are sharing, these articles are of great use to corporate lawyers. Many thanks to the organizers for launching this initiative which hopefully they will repeat for many years."

Steve Cernak: "The Antitrust Writing Awards are a welcome addition to the antitrust community because they reward excellence among the many practical articles of use to antitrust counselors."

Mathew Heim: “It was a real pleasure to be part of the 2012 Antitrust Writing Awards. In particular I commend the organisers for recognizing professional writing as a specific category. This initiative will, I hope, increase the quality and depth of such writing to provide the practical complement to academic articles.”

Deborah P. Majoras: “What I found to be most encouraging about the Antitrust Writing Awards is that they value – and hopefully incent — short-form articles that offer important information and practical advice for antitrust practitioners who can quickly absorb the messages and then move on to the dozens of other issues in front of them.”

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