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Shanker Singham

Shanker Singham

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Shanker Singham focuses his practice on the areas of antitrust and international trade law including WTO and market access issues. He advises global companies and national government on trade, competition issues, regulatory and economic integration issues. A native of London, and both a UK and US citizen, Shanker is a US and European competition and trade lawyer and began his career in London with Cameron McKenna. He was an issue leader on the Transatlantic Business Dialogue, with responsibility for EU-US partnering. Shanker is chairman of the International Roundtable on Trade and Competition Policy, Inc. (the Roundtable), a not-for-profit foundation dedicated to ensuring a better understanding of trade and competition issues by governments around the world, which is an NGO accredited to participate in WTO meetings. Shanker has lectured on competition and trade issues around the world and has taught trade negotiators from many countries. He is a non-governmental advisor to a number of intergovernmental organizations including the International Competition Network (ICN). He is the author of the leading textbook on the linkages between domestic regulatory environments, competition and trade, A General Theory of Trade and Competition (Cameron May, 2007), which is widely used in universities around the world. Shanker was educated at Oxford University (M.A.), Guildford College of Law, and the University of Miami (J.D.)

Website : Squire, Sanders & Dempsey (Washington DC)

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